The Basics & Terms of Use

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog where I will be posting free assets for everyone to enjoy. Mainly they will be sprites, face sets, and battlers for characters but who knows what else I will add along with that.

Once I hit $50 a month on Patreon I will start posting more characters here for everyone to enjoy and use for their free or commercial games. So if you would like to see more support me on Patreon! I also post a few things on Patreon that I don’t post anywhere else!

Terms of Use

  • Credit me.

Name: Melonie Moon

Website: or

  • Free for commercial & non-commercial use.
  • The tile sets, sprites, and battlers can only be used in RPG Maker MV and Kadokawa needs to be credited for these.
  • You must own RPG Maker MV to use the sprites and tile sets legally. (If you own it, I don’t care if you use it in Ace or XP or any other RPG Maker)
  • Do not use my characters (face sets or sprites) in adult/hentai games.
  • The tile sets, sprites, and battlers from RPG Maker’s original set can be edited but DO NOT redistribute.
  • Do not edit or redistribute my Face Sets/Busts.